Envision Oak Point will provide a unified vision for a neighborhood that is rich in character, community, and culture.

This vision will address both the immediate and long-term future of Oak Point, guiding the evolution of this area to a distinct, connected neighborhood that conveys a true sense of place.

Envision Oak Point kicked off in early February with the creation of a project committee. The members include stakeholders from adjacent neighborhoods, area property owners, faith-based organizations, city leadership and partners such as PISD and Collin College. The Envision Oak Point planning process applies a scenario modeling framework, where various alternatives for the future will be modeled based on public input and evaluated and refined based on analysis of critical development indicators and community aspirations.

Through the guidance of the project stakeholder committee and input received from the community, Envision Oak Point will establish actions and strategies that will guide development and redevelopment of the Oak Point area. These actions and strategies will address key elements such as mobility, land use and design, community and economic development, and the natural environment.

Key Themes of Envision Oak Point

  • Safe – Neighborhoods designed to promote pedestrian activity, with buildings positively engaging streets, civic, natural and formal open spaces.
  • Healthy – Street, trail, and open space network that is highly connected, balancing the demands of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users.
  • Diverse – A broad range of housing and retail opportunities serving a population diverse in age, race, ethnicity, income and household size.
  • Resilient – Neighborhood patterns that respect Plano’s economy, schools, and natural environment, adding value to Plano and justifying public investment.
  • Compatible – Buildings that are appropriately scaled and respectful of surrounding context, supporting thoughtful transitions to adjacent development.

Why is the project needed?

A plan focused on the Oak Point area is needed to address anticipated growth and change. This approach will result in a more detailed analysis of potential development scenarios, allowing the community to evaluate the impact of a range of possibilities. This collaborative approach to planning will position the Oak Point area for growth and change that enhances community and creates a true sense of place.

The Study Area

The 730 acre Oak Point study area is generally bounded by Legacy Drive to the north, Shawnee Park to the south, Spring Creek Parkway to the east, and DART right-of-way to the west.


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