The goals for Envision oak Point

The purpose of this special plan is to provide a focused analysis and recommendations for development and redevelopment opportunities in this northeast gateway of Plano. Setting clear goals and objectives is a critical foundation for a successful planning effort. Goals provide direction in forming policies, strategies, and actions, and sets the basis for how they should be prioritized in achieving the community's vision. These goals are not final and will be further refined over the course of the planning process, including during stakeholder meetings and public workshops.



Support a planning process that is transparent, inclusive, and fiscally responsible. This process should be shaped by shared values, local plans, existing investments, and feasible implementation measures.


Land Use + Design

Support a community that fosters a distinct and diverse character pattern, creating opportunities to live, work, and socialize within a cohesively planned, pedestrian-friendly environment.



Promote a transportation network that includes multiple ways to move through and around the area (driving, biking, walking and transit), supports the development of walkable places, and reduces congestion on Plano’s thoroughfare network.



Promote a sense of community and shape neighborhoods that remain vibrant, livable, and equitable places for future generations.



Support strong partnerships with Plano ISD and Collin College, ensuring that plan elements and strategies consider the long-term capacity, strategic goals, and fiscal health of these institutional partners.



Preserve the area’s rustic landscape by establishing a network of natural open spaces and promoting environmentally sensitive development techniques in site design.



Promote the fiscal health of the City of Plano and its public and private sector partners in the study area through the development of a comprehensive economic development strategy for Oak Point.